The GSPCA North Central Sectional Classic was held with the GSPC of Nebraska Spring trial on Thursday, May 9th through Wednesday, May 15th. They drew 203 entries; 152 for the GSPC of Nebraska and 51 for the Classic.

Professionals entered were Art Armbrust – NE, Keith and Robbi Gulledge – KS, Tommy Hagen – MN, Tim and Sara Heiner – NE, Phil and Anne Mathiowetz – MN, Tim Thaden – NE and Jim West & Rhonda Haukoos – IA. Amateurs entered were Paula Abbott – NE, Terry Bomer – TX, Dave Borg – IA, Bruce Bryant – IA, Chris Bryant – CO, Brooks Carmichael – NE, Jim Douglass – NE, Bob and Jan Erbe – NE, Tom Hagen – MN, John Hixon – NE, Chad Inderman – TX, John Jones – MO, Heath Kooima – IA, Clark Linn – MN, Tom Lococo – NE, Larry Loftin – IA, Brian Murphy – IL, Mike Patrick – CO, Troy Ryan – MN, Wayland Russell – MO, Brian Silcott – MO, Chase Verdoorn – MO, Dick Walters – MN, Peter Wilkins – KS and Mike Zimbelman – NE.

We would like to thank Purina – Nestle for the product for all the placing dogs in the classic along with the money donation for the Classic. Thanks, Purina.

For the Classic we returned $1220.00 in prize money along with a shotgun and scabbard for 1st place Amateur handler along with $550.00 in Cabela’s gift certificates to 2-4th places.


Amateur Limited Gun Dog;  Judges Steve Hetmanek and Josh Neiman

Brace 1. Duke – Russell Sambo – Verdoorn

Brace 2. Skeeter – Erbe Rexx – Murphy

Brace 3. Treat – Bryant Edger – Verdoorn

Brace 4. Indy – Bomer Gypsy – Loftin

Brace 5. Angel – Patrick Biscuit – Verdoorn

Brace 6. Mick – Jones Maddie – Walters

Brace 7. Lexy – Loftin Guage – Verdoorn

Brace 8. Trixie – Murphy Jackie – Wilkin

Brace 9. Razor – Loftin Smoke – Verdoorn

Brace 10. Duece - Walters

1st Place – Sambo . Strong gundog race. Three stylish finds. Killed 1st chukar and nice retrieve.

2nd Place – Edger. Strong shooting dog / gundog course. Three finds, extreme style. Retrieve on 2nd chukar.

3rd Place – Rex. Three finds and 1 non-productive. Very consistent gundog course. Retrieved 1st  bird.

4th Place – Treat. Two stylish finds. Retrieved on 2nd find. A little rough handling but an exciting course.


Derby Classic;  Judges Peter Wilkin and Mike Zimbelman

Brace 1. Couger – Erbe G – Gulledge

Brace 2. Gigi – Erbe Jazz – Gulledge

Brace 3. Bull – Gulledge

Brace 4. Hunter – Gulledge

1st Place – Couger. Strong Race. Three finds with 1 broke find on a chukar.

2nd Place – G. Big race. Two finds with 1 chukar find at time.

3rd Place – Hunter. Good hunting. One find

4th Place – Bull. Some all-age, some gun dog. Two finds.


Open Limited Gun Dog; Judges Ken Chenoweth and Mike Patrick

Brace 1. Sig – Gulledge Liza – Mathiowetz

Brace 2. Indy – Gulledge Tsunami – Mathiowetz

Brace 3. Bud – Gulledge Bandit – Nieman

Brace 4. Annie – Gulledge Kate – Mathiowetz

Brace 5. Dice – Gulledge Duece – Armbrust

Brace 6. Allie – Gulledge Rexx – Mathiowetz

Brace 7. Aussie – Gulledge Trixie – Mathiowetz

Brace 8. Mick – Gulledge

1st Place - Trixie. Very Strong and exciting. Three finds

2nd Place – Bud. Five finds and nice course

3rd Place – Dice. Two finds and strong race.

4th Place – Bandit. Two finds and very stylish.

All 4 dogs completed call back for retrieve in good fashion.


Open Limited All-Age; Judges Ken Chenoweth and Bob Erbe

Brace 1. Ace – Gulledge Addie – Heiner

Brace 2. Trey – Gulledge Gitz – Walters

Brace 3. JR – Nieman Fritz – Heiner

Brace 4. Joker – Patrick Sonny – Thaden

Brace 5. Aussie – Gulledge Trigger – Heiner

Brace 6. Angel – Patrick

1st Place – Aussie. Great buried in find. Two finds. All-age all the way.

2nd Place – Angel. Three finds, Great start and finish.

3rd Place – Trey. Two finds, Great middle to end.

4th Place – Fritz. Two finds. Was absent some first part of course.

And lastly I would like to thank all club members who helped and made these trials successful: Jan Erbe, Melani and Ray Petty, John Hixon, Jeff Novak, Jeff Wallace, Bruce Bryant, Steve Hetmanek, Jerry Hetmanek, Josh Nieman, Scott Tenney, Tim Thaden, Scott Thielen, Jim Douglass and Art Armbrust.



2013 GSPCA North Central Classic Amateur Limited Gun Dog

Back Row; Steve Hetmanek –Judge; Darrin White , Brian Murphy, Bob Erbe, Wayland Russell, Chase Verdoorn, Mike Patrick, Josh Niemen – Judge

Front Row; Bruce Bryant (Treat); Terry Bomer (Rexx); John jones (Edger); Jeff Wallace (Sambo)


2013 GSPCA North Central Classic Open Derby

Robbi Gulledge (Bull); Keith Gulledge (Hunter); Terry Bomer (G); Bob Erbe (Couger)


2013 GSPCA North Central Classic Open Limited All Age

Back Row: Ken Chenoweth-Judge, Keith Gulledge, Mike Patrick, Bob Erbe-Judge, Tim Heiner

Front Row; Robbi Gulledge (Aussie), Jeff Wallace (Angel), Brooks Carmichael (Trey), Sara Heiner (Fritz)


2013 GSPCA North Central Classic Open Limited Gun Dog

Back Row; Ken Chenoweth-Judge, Phil Mathiowetz, Mike Patrick-Judge, Bob Erbe, Jeff Wallace

Front Row; Anne Mathiowetz (Trixie), Robbi Gulledge (Bud), Keith Gulledge (Dice), Josh Nieman (Bandit)